Angels & Airwaves

LOVE Movie & New Album Release Date

According to a video Tom Posted on Facebook, the long awaited LOVE movie is to be released February 14, 2011 along with a new Angels & Airwaves album.

-The New album has about an hour of new music.
-The band will start touring the movie in California and Arizona, then will continue to tour the rest of the country.
-The band will be at every movie venue, where you’ll be able to purchase all sorts of exclusive merch for the movie.

Its unclear weather the band will be touring leading up to the Valentines Day release or after, but we’ll post more info as soon as it’s announced.

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New AVA Song Clip

Tom has uploaded a new blog on Modlife containing a clip of a new Angels & Airwaves song. Check it out below.

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Modlife Update From Tom: Blink 182 & AVA News

Tom recently uploaded a new blog to Modlife, both premium and free users can view it here.

Some of the key points:

– Filming on the movie is finished and there is only 2 minutes left to be edited

– Sound design and the musical score for the film are both half finished

– The movie will be finished by September, not August as previously announced due to Matt having to take a three week break.

– Love Part 2 is a full album and will be released alongside the movie as a double album with the previously released record

– The blink album has started taking shape. “although slowly”

Watch: New Trailer For LOVE

A new extended trailer for LOVE has been released by a member of
According to tweets by David Kennedy the trailer was stolen and wasn’t ready for release, saying that the music in the trailer is only temporary.

The trailer can be viewed Here >>
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Update: David was right, the music in the trailer is from the recently released movie Inception.

Update 2: William Eubank has posted a few thoughts on TheAVAMovement forums talking about the leak. You can read all his comments here.

i want my imagination to get out there worse than anyone, just not my sketches .. which that was. that was a temp cut of the design of a new trailer that hopefully in a month or so we can get out to apple or something and start getting some decent buzz for this thing so we can really blow it up.

anyways thanks for the support guys and i’m stoked you guys are pumped for the flick. lets just help keep it under wraps till its ready so we can even get the non fans in on it. get poeple who maybe dont even know who angels and airwaves are, pumped about this.

sigh.. now im going to have more late sock nights, just scouring the da interwebs to make sure that temp cut doesnt keep surfacing.

As a mark of respect for what Will has put into this movie and how unfair this leak is on him, I’ve removed the link to the trailer from this post and will be removing any subsequent links posted in the discussion thread. However the trailer is still out there, if you need to see it I’m sure you’ll be able to find it.

Filming For LOVE is Complete

William Eubank filming LOVE

The director of LOVE, William Eubank, has posted an update on his blog announcing that filming for the Angels & Airwaves movie has finished and that the project is well and truly on the home straight.

so, its been a really long time, i know….. but damn we are finally done shooting everything for LOVE. we are officially in the “tieing up loose ends” part… Was in ADR all day yesterday with Gunner, sound design is moving along and the tracks are getting polished etc. Its been a super long haul, but we are way close.

Read his full post along with some behind-the-scenes pictures Here >>