The First blink-182 Song Mix Is In!

After several frantic tweets from Mark, he finally posted on his tumblr announcing the very first mix from the new blink-182 album is in:

1230 at night here in los angeles. sitting on the floor of my hotel room, listening to the first mix of the first track to come back from the new album. stoked beyond words to be listening to new music from our band. on the OTHER side of the creative process. listening to the songs not to figure out what and if it needs more of. listening just to hear the music. i love this song, and the mixer did a great job, it sounds amazing. i can’t wait until this album comes out, and i hope that when it does you all are as excited as i am sitting here by myself in the middle of the night, cross-leeged on the floor of a hotel room, with headphones on, listening to this song over and over. thank you for supporting our band. blink-182 life, for life.

Blink Mentions New Song Title for Setlist

In the new issue of Rolling Stone Magazine, Blink-182 members discuss the latest on their plans for the summer.

“One new tune that Hoppus says might make the summer setlist is the revved, punky “Heart’s All Gone”, and other contenders are piling up fast.”

“With the album nearly done and the tour kickoff approaching, the intraband acrimony that led Blink-182’s long hiatus has become a distant memory. Even so, the group is aware that those tensions helped fuel the fruitful sessions for its last album, 2003’s blink-182. “I wan’t to find the same angst and push songs in new and cool directions,” Hoppus says. “But not have the band implode.”

Tom’s Radio Interviews on New Album

Tom had a few different radio interviews today regarding the new blink-182 album. Tom talks about the feel of the record, how the first single will be turned in in about 3 weeks, and the album has to turned in by the end of July. The album is still nameless at this point, but of course Tom hinted at a few suggestive titles.

Check out the interviews here:

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Album to be Finished by July 31st

A year ago, Blink-182 began work on their first new album since 2003, and they’re still months away from being done. But fans will finally hear new songs from the reunited punk-pop trio on a summer U.S. tour with My Chemical Romance, which kicks off August 5th in Holmdel, New Jersey. “That’s what we’re most excited about,” drummer Travis Barker told Rolling Stone last night. “It’s the first time there will be new music in nine years.”

Both bands had gathered at the Rainbow Bar and Grill in West Hollywood – a notorious hard-rock hangout for musicians and groupies going back to the hard-partying days of Keith Moon and Led Zeppelin, and where Motörhead’s Lemmy Kilmister can often still be found at the end of the bar downing Jack-and-Cokes – to announce the tour.

Blink-182 will be working on their still-untitled new album virtually up until they moment they leave. “We have until July 31st to hand the record in, and I think we’ll use every single day until then, as always,” said singer-bassist Mark Hoppus.

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