Blink to Perform Last Show Without New Music

“Back in the rehearsal spot today to get ready for the KROQ Epicenter 2010 show this weekend. As we plan it now, this show will be our last until we have new music to perform. It’s time for us to get back into the studio and finish this new album. The tours have been amazing and so much fun. Now we’re all excited to get back into the writing and recording process. Lots of ideas and lots of enthusiasm. No pressure, we’re just trying to write the best album we’ve ever made.”

Taken from himynameismark.

Blink Playing Big Day Out 2011?

It looks like blink may be returning to Australia, 7 years after their last visit. Danny Clayton, a  presenter for Australian TV station Channel [V] recently tweeted that Blink 182 would be playing the multi-state Big Day Out festival.

Clayton later tweeted that he was in trouble for leaking the information. Channel [V] are the official broadcaster of the BDO so their is a fair chance that the information is legitimate.

The official announcement of the lineup will take place at midnight on Tuesday September 28th on
Thanks to mario-182 for the tip

Blinkumentary Update

“Hey crew, We know its taken a while for us to finish the film. With that said this is a very interesting point in blink-182’s life and we dont want to short change the final product. We are getting close to have it finished. We understand the restleness of the fans. It has been a long undertaking but we will give you…”. SOURCE

Credit to Chewy030 from the forums.