New Statement From Tom Regarding Blink


Tom Delonge posted a new statement on his facebook today regarding blink, where they all stand at the moment, and what the future could hold…

“Hi everybody-

I understand all the craziness out there in Internet-land, it is an odd time for fans of the Blink-182 legacy, I know- It’s odd for me, too.

Well, I met with Mark yesterday, and Travis the week before…. I actually talk to Travis almost every day, now. In an odd way I’m almost closer to him more now than ever.

The answer is this:

We DO have a future together if we want it, but for now we are busy doing separate things. I am directing a movie this summer, releasing a couple more albums of music and digging deeper into my Sekret Machines Project with the US Department of Defense.

I know people are comparing the Angels and Airwaves Chasing Shadows EP to the new Blink-182 music, and that is a failed task. We are different people after different things. For one, I think having a song-writer that came in on the Blink album (Feldy- 5 Seconds of Summer, Good Charlotte) was something they desired, and that in itself may be an indicator of some of our current artistic differences that are difficult to overcome. I’ve just always liked the song-writing we did together. But, at the end of the day, I support their desires.

Earlier this year, I was recording the song NEW WORLD (on the DEMOS album titled after my own name) and that was my first early opinion of where we could possibly take Blink for the next album. At the end of the day, both of us have ideas, but from opposite sides of the road… Now, we are at different places in our minds, careers and goals, I get it.

But that said, I obviously want them to make the music they wish. I have always been thankful for them in my life, but I am a forward thinking artist, and sometimes that leads me down a different and far-reaching path- That is why I have done progressive projects like: Box Car Racer, Angels and Airwaves- “LOVE” Feature Film and it’s albums 1 & 2, and even the “Dream Walker” Album, with the accompanying animations and Novel etc…

I look forward to my upcoming film and music adventures, and a hell of a lot more…

….Maybe throw in a bit of Blink-182, if we can build back that “special something” that was once there.”

Travis confirmed they’ve spoken through a statement to Radio X saying “We’ve spoken since then and everyone’s in agreement that we support one another”.

“Bored to Death” KROQ Premiere Recap

Mark, Travis, and Matt talked briefly with Stryker and premiered “Bored to Death” on KROQ. Here’s a summary of what was discussed:

-The Album is titled “California” and will be released July 1st (the 182nd day of the year).

-Other potential titles were: No Future (Travis really liked but people felt it was too negative), OBGYN Kenobi, and Nude Erection (a play on New Direction).

-Mark said the album is “back to our roots and also pushing in new directions”, and that “everyone’s in a good place and the future is wide open”.

-They started recording last September and recorded around 30 tracks, then when the got John Feldmann in the studio with them in January they basically threw everything out and started over, saying that time was great to break the ice and get comfortable saying what they did or didn’t like to each other while recording.

Travis also unvieled the album artwork on his Instagram!

The boys will be back in the morning to further discuss the album and upcoming tour on the Kevin & Bean show.

New blink-182 album “California” having a surprise digital release tomorrow?


UPDATE: blink announced on KROQ the album releases July 1st

Earlier today updated to show a new page advertising ways to listen or purchase their new album titled “California”. A lyric video for the lead single “Bored to Death” was on their official YouTube channel as well, leaking the song ahead of the scheduled premiere on KROQ tomorrow morning.

Everything was quickly taken down and Mark tweeted saying the song premiere was moved up to tonight, though the band will still be on in the morning presumably announcing their plans for the album’s release.

Thank you to “Mr Hoppus” from for snagging the screenshot!

New Blink Album Mastered – Single Release Imminent!


According to Instagram posts from Travis and Matt, the new blink album has been mastered! This means the album should be more or less complete.

A release date of April 26th for a song titled “Bored to Death” popped up on All Access a couple days ago, although the posts has since been removed. Members of r/blink182 pointed out the song title is indeed on a song progress board spotted in the background of an in the studio photo from a while back (second from the top, “BRD 2 DTH”), adding validity to the All Access listing.

The fact that the album is now done, the listing has been removed, and the bio of blink social media accounts have all changed to “NEW MUSIC COMING SOON!” may indicate something might drop even sooner than that!

Stay tuned!

Blink to head into the studio in August?


In an interview with Billboard yesterday, Mark discussed his involvement with scoring the upcoming short film titled “I’m Scared”. Toward the end of the interview, a small paragraph stated the following:

In the meantime, Hoppus continues with Blink-182. He said the threesome — with Alkaline Trio’s Matt Skiba replacing guitarist Tom DeLonge — will head back into the studio in August.

Last we heard, Skiba was open to joining the band, but nothing had been planned as Mark and Travis still had to sort out the legality of moving forward without Tom. There’s still no word on the status of that, but it does appear Matt is now an official member and the three of them will begin work on an album very soon!

Source: Billboard