Mark Hoppus

Album to be Finished by July 31st

A year ago, Blink-182 began work on their first new album since 2003, and they’re still months away from being done. But fans will finally hear new songs from the reunited punk-pop trio on a summer U.S. tour with My Chemical Romance, which kicks off August 5th in Holmdel, New Jersey. “That’s what we’re most excited about,” drummer Travis Barker told Rolling Stone last night. “It’s the first time there will be new music in nine years.”

Both bands had gathered at the Rainbow Bar and Grill in West Hollywood – a notorious hard-rock hangout for musicians and groupies going back to the hard-partying days of Keith Moon and Led Zeppelin, and where Motörhead’s Lemmy Kilmister can often still be found at the end of the bar downing Jack-and-Cokes – to announce the tour.

Blink-182 will be working on their still-untitled new album virtually up until they moment they leave. “We have until July 31st to hand the record in, and I think we’ll use every single day until then, as always,” said singer-bassist Mark Hoppus.

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Blink-182 Reschedule 2011 European Tour

Officially announced today on

“FROM MARK, TOM AND TRAVIS: It is with heavy hearts that we have to announce our planned 2011 European Summer tour has been rescheduled. When we booked the tour last year, we were confident that we would have the new album out before the Summer. Turns out wewere mistaken as the album is taking longer than we thought and won’t be outtill later this year. We hoped we wouldhave some new songs to play rather than do another ‘greatest hits tour’ whichyou all saw last Summer. As much as weknow our fans would be cool with that, we feel that we owe you guys somethingnew when you spend your money to come see us. Frankly, it’s what needs tocontinue for us to remain vital. Thethree of us are working very hard to do what we set out to do when were-formed…get a new blink-182 album recorded. Apologies to all of our fans who have bought tickets and were lookingforward to the Summer shows but we’ll be back soon with the rescheduled datesin Summer 2012, have a new album out and be able to play new songs for you all.Thanks for all of the continued support and understanding. The rescheduled dates are on our website (”

Then later followed up by Mark on his facebook:

“Hi. Mark here. I have been reading all of your comments, both here and on my twitter, and to those of you who’re frustrated, angry, let down, and incredulous, I feel you. I feel the same way. I’ve had a while to process everything and I’m still bummed. This was not an easy decision for us at all. One of the hardest things we’ve had to do. Ever. It sucks. The point is we didn’t want to rush and put out an inferior record. We also didn’t want to become a band who relies on their past success and just plays the same songs every tour, even though we’ll always play the older stuff as well. blink-182 NEEDS to make new music. For you, and for us. I did a long interview with Kerrang! about the postponement of the tour, and hopefully that helps explain everything a little better. I think it comes out on Wednesday. To those who’ve tried to be supportive and understanding, I thank you. For real. This needs to be the best album we’ve ever recorded, and we’re working hard towards that goal. blink-182 for life.”

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Blink-182 Studio Update

Mark has posted on his website an update from the studio:

“I’ve been seriously remiss these past couple of weeks in keeping up with the studio updates. Apologies for that. The good news is that it’s because we’ve been busy with new songs and ideas, and some tracks are very near complete. In rough terms, I’d say we’re working with the better part of ten or so songs at this point. There’s still a long to way to go before the album is done, but already it seems like the songs are both taking a step even further than we took on the last album, while also going back to the sound of some of the earlier albums. And the ideas keep coming. Yesterday I worked on the basics of an uptempo, catchy progression; kind of in the vein of Wendy Clear or Going Away to College. We’ll see how it comes together… The Americana, country-type song that I’ve written about before is now in its third incarnation, and I think it gets better with every change. Can’t wait till Travis plays drums on it and it goes to a whole different level. One track that is pretty much done is an idea that Tom started, and we added a bunch of stuff, changed some things, and then Travis put down a beat that blew the doors off the whole thing. SO GOOD!! I guess it’s really pointless to WRITE about creating music, you’ll hear it for yourselves soon enough and make your own judgements. Suffice it to say that we’re well on our way and all very excited…”

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