Tom Delonge

To The Stars… Demos, Odds and Ends by Tom DeLonge


Tom DeLonge finally shed some details regarding his “Songs Without a Home” release that he’s been teasing on Instagram since last month. He had been hashtagging everything with #march1st leading everyone to believe thats when it would be released, but in true Tom fashion, only the preorders went live yesterday. officially launched and brought some solid information with it, along with a teaser video with a few song clips. The album title has changed from “Songs without a Home” to “To The Stars… Demos, Odds and Ends”, which will be released April 21st. It appears that Tom is giving this the full album treatment similar to “The Dream Walker”, with various preorder packages and staggered grat track releases. Preorders include various combinations of the CD, vinyl, a tshirt, and a lithograph.

According to an Instagram post from Tom, the songs will all be completed and finished, not just clips or riffs and will be some old, some new, but “all personal stuff- MY stuff”.

Tracklist to be announced March 16th.

New Angels & Airwaves Song – Anxiety

Angels & Airwaves premiered a new song, “Anxiety,” and music video on August 10th for the premier of their feature film LOVE. The band posted the official video on their YouTube page today. You can view the video below.

You can discuss the new song in the forums here.