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RIP Amy Winehouse

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Postby TeaLeaf » Thu Jul 28, 2011 5:59 am

Monday wrote:
TeaLeaf wrote:
Monday wrote:I did read that portion incorrectly. I imagined an apostrophe where there wasn't. Read it as "we're" partly to blame. I apologize for the masochism remark.

I do however reject your paparazzi statement. If you're famous it comes with the territory. Do they go over board? Absolutely, but stars give them plenty of reasons to go ballistic for the shot. The reason her bad exploits were making front page tabloid news was because the majority of her exploits were bad. Music about hardships isn't uncommon, but when you celebrate the fact that you didn't go to rehab because you enjoy the lifestyle, you are in fact celebrating the shittiest parts of you. Which is what she did, the results were inconclusive yes but the reality of it is the lifestyle she lead, and celebrated, is what lead up to her death plain and simple. Getting weepy eyed because we "lost a great person" is a load. Feeling sorrow for the loss of a life is perfectly fine, however I carry no illusions that she was a good human being.

And I am openly a douche, I have harsh opinions, it comes with the territory.

That's fine dude. You make a fair enough point.

I still disagree though. There are people like Katie Price who blatantly and purposefully expose themselves by any means possible to be in the tabloids - but she's an attention whore. The 'everyday' addict won't have these issues to deal with and I wouldn't say it was Amy's choice to become 'famous.' She started off as a fairly respectable musician but it started spiralling downhill after 'Frank' and the Mercury Prize nomination when she started recieving attention from the public. I'm not saying there's a definite correlation, I don't know her full history, but I'm certain there's a link with the increased exposure and lack of privacy. I don't think any of us could comprehend how bad it could be unless we actually become a celebrity and paparazzi fodder.
Listening through the album, I quite strongly disagree with how you say she's celebrating her lifestyle. The way I'm interpreting it, It sounds to me like a cry for help conflicting with her own self pride. Neither pride or help we gave her.
I hope I'm not giving an impression that I'm defending her lifestyle; but I don't think she was necessarily a bad person. This view is probably largely down to a few of my own friends that are struggling at the moment (of which I have no doubt in my mind that they are still good people). But outside the tabloids, I've read comments from people such as from family, friends and other musicians such as Tony Bennett praising her as a person so I can't really accept myself labelling her as a bad human being. I didn't know her and she wasn't exactly Hitler.

I don't see much point in being pessimistic about everything anymore. I'm quite the opposite to you. I do try my best to see the best in other people.

Oh I'm not a pessimist, people have to prove to me in big ways that I shouldn't have faith in them. For the most part I am a pretty loving individual. But drug addicts are on my short list of people I can't stand. Life is a precious thing, and when they do that first line of coke or dose of heroine they know they could potentially ruin their lives. I'm not perfect but I know that heroine isn't going to make my fucked up shit go away and feeling numb is a cop out. I have zero sympathy for them no matter what argument is presented to me.

That's a shame. Although at least it's good to know you won't be doing anything as stupid as hard drugs anytime soon. To me, nobody's perfect. Good people can make simple mistakes in life that lead them to getting into such a mess. I'm sure both of us very well could if we were under different circumstances sometime in the future. That quote from that Orange advert is useful: "I am who I am because of everyone." The positive influences from the people around me make who I am (e.g. family, friends) - so I do my best to be a positive influence on anybody that may not be as lucky to have such role models. I can't find it in me to believe that I'm superior to anyone else, enough so that I find it beneath me to help others less fortunate and need help when I'm presented with an opportunity - no matter the circumstance. That's my philosophy anyway.
(Apologies for my lengthy posts by the way.)

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Postby Reed » Thu Jul 28, 2011 6:33 am

Wasn't in to her, but its always a bummer when somebody dies. Heres a really nice post Russel Brand made about her though:

"When you're feeling low, here's a little hand from above cause you're on my mind."


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Postby pedrinho182 » Sun Jan 15, 2012 9:53 pm

RIP :)

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