HD Concert Experience



The HD Concert Experience is the full 2009 blink-182 reunion tour, built up entirely of HD videos taken from YouTube, and the best audio source out there, all edited together into one incredible video experience.

The project started work right after the 2009 blink-182 reunion tour. With the sheer amount of people putting up HD videos on YouTube of the show, we slowly were able to start building the full concert together. Work was on again off again over the past two years as more resources became available for the project until we finally had edited together the whole concert.

It was extremely important to us to make sure and get permission from everyone we used footage from. There was however a few people we never heard back from because their YouTube account either no longer exists, or they just never bothered to reply to us over the course of a year and a half. With these situations we used footage under YouTube’s terms of service stating that unless permission is denied beforehand, or there is legal documentation of ownership, we have free rights to use it as we wish. That being said, we still fully credited those users and thank them for filming and uploading their footage.


FAQ (4)

What is the setlist?

Feeling This
The Rock Show
What’s my Age Again?
I Miss You
Stay Together for the Kids
Stockholm Syndrome
First Date
Man Overboard
Not Now
All the Small Things
Reckless Abandon
Anthem Part 2

Drum Solo

What show is this from?

In order to attempt to use the best of the best clips, I decided against limiting which show the shots were from. However, I’ve gone through painstaking amounts of work to make any transitions between shows as seamless as possible. Its really gonna seem like your watching one full concert. Theres talking between songs, the lights go down and theres nothing but darkness and cheering before the encore, the 3 of them hug, etc…

Hey, that’s one of my clips in there! I never said you could use that!

We went through a massive amount of work to make sure we had permission from everybody we took footage from. However, If you truly believe that one of you shots is in there that you never agreed to us using, please, email us at info@blinkdisasters.com so we can resolve the situation.

Which version should I download?

If you are just going to be watching from your basic computer screen, I would more than recommend the standard version. Its about half the size of the HD version, but its pretty much the same image quality. The only difference between the Standard and HD versions is the aspect ratio size. The HD versions is a bit bigger so if you’re watching on a bigger monitor or tv, the video will have to stretch less giving off less pixelation.