Mark Calms Angry Reactions To The “Big” Announcment

After today’s announcement was hyped up so much, a lot of fans were left feeling bitter when it turned out to be just a festival performance. Mark has reassured fans that blink is going to be working on the new album later in the year and that the Epicenter performance being their only US tour date this year means the band can concentrate solely on the album.


Humans: NOBODY said the announcement was a new song. We’re only playing 1 show in North America this yr cuz we’re recording the new album.

According to KROQ DJ Stryker Mark will be on KROQ tomorrow afternoon to talk further about blink’s plans for the rest of the year.


Hey you crazy (gerat and dedicated) BLINK 182 fans..I will have @MarkHoppus on tomorrow between 530 and 6pm onĀ #KROQ.