Rolling Stone Talks With Blink-182

Rolling Stone

Rolling Stone sat down with blink before their small venue show in Brooklyn last Wednesday and spoke with them about the good old days, their creative process, recording the next album, and their signature toilet humor.

As the sound of opening band (and Blink disciples) New Beat Fund rattled the club walls, DeLonge and Hoppus gave a wide-ranging interview, revealing to Rolling Stone they are in town meeting with labels for their next album due next year (they recently left Universal Music Group after 15 years) and opening up about their creative process, their status as pop-punk pioneers, their wild early years and their sometimes-rocky relationship. “Everyone is so different,” says Hoppus. “It’s what tears our band apart and it’s what makes us great when we’re great.”

Check out the full interview here.

Alternative Press Reviews “Dogs Eating Dogs”


Given how stacked the deck was against Blink ever getting back together in the first place, the fact that they got over that hurdle and made a record is pretty monumental. That they learned from that difficult recording process and used the experience to make new music that is just as strong if not stronger than anything on Neighborhoods is impressive. If these are the kinds of Blink-182 songs that get written when all three members are in the same room together, then all we need is someone to slap a padlock on that door during their next rehearsal. With any luck, they should crank out a freakin’ masterpiece next time.

Alternative Press Call “Dogs Eating Dogs” a strong effort and gave the EP 4/5 stars! Go read the full review for yourself here!

“Dogs Eating Dogs” EP Pre-order Details!


After some technical issues with the site, the pre-order’s for blink-182’s upcoming ep (now officially titled “Dogs Eating Dogs”) are all officially available!

There’s 3 different preorder options, with items including:

– blink-182 2012 Limited Edition 18×24 inch, 8 Color Screen Printed Poster by Brandon Heart
– blink-182 2012 Holiday Edition T-Shirt
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– Sheets of blink-182 Wrapping Paper
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Head to the new blink-182 website to view and pre-order the EP. You can also get the EP by itself on its release day, december 18th.