Absolutepunk Interview: Mark Hoppus Talks “A Different Spin”


Mark Hoppus has certainly had his legs cemented in the industry for the last decade, more so than when Blink 182 started barely a decade before that. Hoppus’ blog and tweets are followed like a cult and now he’s getting the chance to take face time to his opinions and discussions with his upcoming show on FUSE, A Different Spin. Hoppus took time to talk about what this new project is all about, a few words on the current state of the industry and how we won’t be waiting too long for Blink’s next album.

Well first, give us a rundown of how this show all came about?

The end of last year, I got a call from Fuse and they were talking about this new music talk show they were putting together. I was really intrigued by the idea, because there’s not really anyone carrying the torch of music right now. I flew up to New York and I read for them. Then I got a call asking if I wanted to do the show, and I said “Yes. What do you want it to be like?” They said [anything I wanted it to be]. I said “What do you want the vibe of the show to be?” They said “Whatever you want it to be.” People here are so supportive. They’re passionate about music. They’re always talking about new bands and different bands and who we should have on the show. It’s a great environment to run a show in. I hope that works as a thesis statement.

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Blinkumentary Update

“Hey crew, We know its taken a while for us to finish the film. With that said this is a very interesting point in blink-182’s life and we dont want to short change the final product. We are getting close to have it finished. We understand the restleness of the fans. It has been a long undertaking but we will give you…”. SOURCE

Credit to Chewy030 from the forums.