blink-182 Rehearsals and New Signature Bass

Mark Hoppus posted a video on his blog today at blink-182 rehearsals showing his new signature bass.

Alight, so here we are at blink-182 rehearsals, and we got two more days left before we ship off to Europe, to do the tour over there, and this is my bass set up right here…

You can watch the video at Mark’s blog or in our forums.

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Blink Rehearsal Pictures

From himynameismark:
Every day this week we are in final dress rehearsals before the European tour. Our trusty crew is back, there is a lot of gear being staged, and we’re getting the set together. Lots of hard work and fun!

You can check out all the pictures Here >>

Travis Barker – New blink-182 Record “Out Next Year”

Travis Barker was featured in a recent MTV article focusing on blink-182’s upcoming album.

“We are in rehearsals — what will soon be production rehearsals — for our European tour, and that’s exciting,” he said. “[The new record] is gonna be [out] next year, so we’re gonna start on it right when we get home [from tour].”

As for the aforementioned production rehearsals, Mark posted yesterday on his Twitter that they have begun.

blink-182 full production rehearsals begin today! Yes, have some!

You can read the full MTV article here.
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Tom + Virtual DJ = !!!

Check out a video from the Macbeth Fall Launch Party on our forums.

Well, we just feel that shoes are really in, and people are going to wear them for the years to come.

– Tom DeLonge