LOVE A Double Album? AVA Touring Again This Year?

Tom broadcasted a Modcam earlier today in which he talked about the immediate future for him and his bands. Details are starting to filter out about what was said. From what Modlife members have been saying nothing was too definite, it was more like a rough plan for the coming months.

Some of the key points that Tom mentioned were:

  • The only part of the movie still to be edited is the civil war seen that was shot over the weekend, this will be the opening scene in the movie.
  • The movie should be done in the next two months, ready to be shown at film festivals towards the end of the year.
  • “LOVE Part 2” is the second half of the LOVE record and will be released alongside the movie in Spring 2011.
  • Angels & Airwaves will be touring South America after Tom gets back from the blink-182 European tour, as well as touring America again “next year”.
  • Tom is working on the blink-182 album as well as LOVE Part 2 every day.
  • Tom also claimed that the Blinkumentary was finished and would be ready for release soon, but judging from recent tweets from the directors this clearly isn’t the case. He also wasn’t very clear on what exactly LOVE Part 2 is going to be, it could be an expansion of some of the extra music AVA recorded for the movie, an EP or even a full length album.

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    Watch: KROQ Interview

    We’ve all heard the interview, now we can watch it too. On July 9th, blink-182 appeared on KROQ’s Kevin & Bean show and discussed everything from the new album to their upcoming tour, to Weird Al.

    YouTube: Part 1
    YouTube: Part 2

    Or, you can click the picture to read a brief transcript and watch the video from KROQ’s website.

    Credit to 44disastermaster in the forums.

    Listen: KROQ Interview

    Mark and Tom stopped by KROQ this morning for a lengthy interview on the Kevin & Bean Show. The guys discussed the upcoming Epiccenter 2010 show, some of their plans for the new record and shared a few classic blink-182 stories.

    A rough time frame for the new album was mentioned with Tom saying they are hoping to have everything finished by the end of the year or at least early in 2011, ready for a Spring/Summer 2011 release.

    Download the full interview Here >>

    Tom & Mark on KROQ Tomorrow

    Tom and Mark will be stopping by KROQ tomorrow morning during the Kevin & Bean Show to talk about the Epicenter show and the new album among other things.

    From himynameismark:

    If you want to hear a couple of guys talk about themselves, you can tune into KROQ 106.7FM (or, for those outside of their broadcast area) tomorrow morning at about 8am when Tom and I stop by the Kevin and Bean show. That was a long sentence. Then that sentence there was fairly short. I assume they’ll be asking us about the Epicenter show, the new album, my remarkable physique, and Tom’s unusual and unfortunate choice to boycott hygiene.

    Mark Talks New Blink Album

    Taken from his Facebook page:

    “Spent all day working on the blink-182 album, then talked on the phone with Tom tonight for the better part of an hour about the record and upcoming tour. Tomorrow more rehearsals.”

    blink-182 in August AP

    blink-182 appears in the August AP on the last pages. The photographer that took their cover pic from March 2000 discusses working with the band. Short and sweet.

    blink-182 AP August 2010

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