A Different Chat With Mark Hoppus

Mark talks about his Fuse television show A Different Spin With Mark Hoppus and briefly mentions the upcoming Blink record in a recent interview.

We will have a co-host and there will be me, at the head of it all, running things with an iron fist.

– Mark Hoppus

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Epicenter 2010

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Taken from an email from blink-182.

blink-182 Recording, City Comma State Information

blink-182 is officially back in the studio today, according to Mark’s twitter.

blink-182 recording today. new album type stuff.

Also, for those of you following Mark Hoppus’s secretive side project, City Comma State, an interview at AbsolutePunk with All Time Low vocalist/guitarist Alex Gaskarth gives some clues into what’s going on.

What about the song that you did with Mark Hoppus not too long ago, what’s up with that? Is it going to be on the new record?
No, not on our record. It is going on a record though, I’m proud to say. Mark has a project with some friends of hi; the band is called City Comma State. I don’t know how much I should announce, but I went back and did some more work on the song with Mark and actually worked on another song with Mark and I think both of those songs are going to be used for that project. It’s exciting, the band seems like it’s going to be really cool. It’s flattering to even have him approach me to use a song we did together on something he’s involved with. I’m really, really pumped for it.

You can read the full article here.

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Mark & Tom Writing For The New Album Tomorrow

From Mark’s Facebook:

Great blink-182 rehearsal today. I’m thankful any time I get to be involved with music, and playing songs with Travis and Tom is the absolute best!! Me & Tom are headed into the studio tomorrow to return to the writing of the new album. That’s what’s up.