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Anthem Part III on Neighborhoods?

It appears that the domain “” is registered to the same person who registered,, &

Does this mean Anthem Part III will be featured on the new album? Only time will tell, but it sure seems as though thats the case.

Thanks to Zeke from our forum for pointing this out. Discuss this news here.

New blink Song – Hearts All Gone

Go to and press command+A to play the new single!

heart’s all gone

take off the gloves
we fell in love by the side of the road
this desert will break you down
the veins you cut
your smoking tongue is the end of us all
but you only care about
fame and fortune
watching others tortured
casting your reflection
grocery store perfection
this is the last time
sent to the front line
with dirty boots on the ground
you said i’ll make this all mine

you seemed so sweet at the start but the start’s all wrong
you say you speak from your heart but your heart’s all gone

blackjack and architect
let’s drink ourselves to death
the crimes of everyone
passed down from father to son
hopeless and destitute
destroyed my gratitude
your strongest lines of defense
are all just self-inflicted


Discuss the new song in the forum!

The New Band Pages are Live!

The brand new band pages have officially arrived!

We’ve been hard at work building the new and improved band pages to ensure blinkdisasters is your one stop location for all things blink! We packed the new band pages with everything we could get our hands on including:

-Image Galleries
-Album Info
-Official Links
-Almost 50gigs of Audio and Video

This also represents the final additions to blinkdisasters 2.0! We hope you enjoy our new and improved home for all things Blink!

Boomer <3's Boobies

Tom Delonge announced on facebook the other day that he would be doing a meet and greet for the upcoming blink-182 tour. The meet and greet will be divided into two packages, VIP and AAA. Details on the packages are as follows. Click on the package title to go to the package’s official information page. Most importantly, a percentage of all proceeds go to benefit the Keep-a-Breast Foundation.

VIP Package: ($199)

What you get:
– A meet-n-greet and photo with Tom DeLonge on the blink 182 summer 2011 tour
– A Limited Edition “Boomer <3's Boobies" Print originally painted by Tom DeLonge that will be on heavy stock paper finished with a full matte lamination and spot UV to bring out the texture of the artwork - An EXCLUSIVE "Boomer <3's Boobies" Glow in the Dark keep-a-breast slap bracelet available no where else AAA Package ($499)

What you get:
– Each buyer will receive a Giclee fine art print on light insight canvas of Tom’s original painting Boomer <3's Boobies. - Once you receive your print at the show, you and a very small group of others (limited to no more than 5 per show) will be escorted to Tom's dressing room backstage where you will take a photo in his private quarters and have him sign your canvas. - AAA packages will also include an exclusive keep-a-breast foundation bracelet made exclusively for VIP and AAA members. Tickets to the show are required and must be purchased separately. They are not included in either package. You can order your VIP or AAA packages here.