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“Dogs Eating Dogs” EP Pre-order Details!


After some technical issues with the site, the pre-order’s for blink-182’s upcoming ep (now officially titled “Dogs Eating Dogs”) are all officially available!

There’s 3 different preorder options, with items including:

– blink-182 2012 Limited Edition 18×24 inch, 8 Color Screen Printed Poster by Brandon Heart
– blink-182 2012 Holiday Edition T-Shirt
– blink-182 2012 Holiday Edition Hooded Fleece
– Sheets of blink-182 Wrapping Paper
– blink-182 2012 Holiday Card with envelope

Head to the new blink-182 website to view and pre-order the EP. You can also get the EP by itself on its release day, december 18th.

Blink’s original Josie music video

Check out this cool piece of blink-182 history. This is a short clip of a video that the band recorded for their single Josie back in the day but didn’t end up using.

For the video that they used click here.

Mark Hoppus talks After Midnight

Check out Mark Hoppus discussing blinks new music video for After Midnight.

We did the band performance section in a hangar that was built in the 1940s to construct blimps inside of. It’s the world’s largest freestanding wooden structure, so there’s an interesting piece of trivia for you. It was just this really cool setting — the way that they lit it, the way that they shot it. It just had this really industrial yet organic feel to it.

You can read the full interview here!