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Rolling Stone Premiers Song “Into the Night’ & “…Of Nightmares” Teaser


“‘Into The Night’ is about walking the person you love through a nightmare,” DeLonge says. “I believe that we all encounter those we love in our dreams all of the time.”

“The book is an epic story about a boy who is a lucid dreamer,” says DeLonge of the upcoming novel, which continues the Poet Anderson story begun on Angels and Airwaves’ 2014 LP, The Dream Walker, and its accompanying animated short. “He realizes that he has the power to meet people in their dreams and guide them through their nightmare. But in the dream world, there are forces of light and darkness that are constantly at each other’s throats for the possession of the dreamer themselves. A Poet, also known as a guide, can help navigate this war.”

According to DeLonge, the novel and new EP are just the latest steps in what he’s envisioning as an ongoing multimedia saga. “We are in the process of preparing for a series of major motion pictures,” he says. “This is going to be very exciting, because if it happens the way it seems like it may, we will be able to portray a world that has not been created on film before.”

Srource: Rolling Stone

Travis Barker Says Tom DeLonge Should ‘Man Up And Quit’ Band



“Blink-182 is undeniably one of the most significant groups in pop-punk history. Recently, the “trio” gained quite a large amount of press attention as frontman Tom DeLonge was declared no longer a part of the band. The group are currently set to perform at the final day of the Musink festival with Alkaline Trio’s Matt Skiba as Delonge’s replacement. You can click here to view the entire lineup and more info for the event. We recently spoke to Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker about Tom DeLonge’s departure, his upcoming tattoo convention/music festival, and the future of the band. Check out Alternative Nation’s exclusive interview below.”

To The Stars… Demos, Odds and Ends by Tom DeLonge


Tom DeLonge finally shed some details regarding his “Songs Without a Home” release that he’s been teasing on Instagram since last month. He had been hashtagging everything with #march1st leading everyone to believe thats when it would be released, but in true Tom fashion, only the preorders went live yesterday. officially launched and brought some solid information with it, along with a teaser video with a few song clips. The album title has changed from “Songs without a Home” to “To The Stars… Demos, Odds and Ends”, which will be released April 21st. It appears that Tom is giving this the full album treatment similar to “The Dream Walker”, with various preorder packages and staggered grat track releases. Preorders include various combinations of the CD, vinyl, a tshirt, and a lithograph.

According to an Instagram post from Tom, the songs will all be completed and finished, not just clips or riffs and will be some old, some new, but “all personal stuff- MY stuff”.

Tracklist to be announced March 16th.